East West Interconnector studies released


Initial studies identify Rush Bay (North Co.Dublin) as the most suitable location for the cable to emerge onto land. The Marine survey has just been completed and Eirgrid will assess the results of the marine survey and other studies before selecting the most feasible route. The completion of the survey marks an important step forward for the project.

The Interconnector will enable the two-way transmission of power under the Irish Sea by connecting the transmission systems in the Republic of Ireland and Wales. Grid connection points have been secured in both countries.

It will be approximately 250 km in length and capable of transmitting 500 megawatts of electricity between Ireland and Wales. With the demand for energy estimated to grow at an average yearly rate of between 2.7% and 3.6% over the next seven years, the interconnector will contribute to improving the security of energy supply in Ireland.

For more information see: www.interconnector.ie