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How Will Codling Wind Park be Constructed Offshore?

Subject to all necessary permits and consents being received, Codling Wind Park could begin construction in 2026. 

Construction is expected to take two to three years to complete.

The offshore construction of Codling and key components will include: 

  • The erection of up to 100 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and supporting foundations. Each WTG will consist of a tower section, nacelle and three rotor blades.
  • Construction of up to 3-4 Offshore Substations (OSPs) and supporting foundations
  • Installation of subsea array cables, linking the wind turbines to the offshore substations
  • Installation of subsea export cables, connecting the offshore substations to the shore
  • Cable protection associated with array and export cables and cable crossings (if required)
  • Scour protection around WTG and OSP foundations (if required)

The offshore wind farm is at an early stage of design with environmental baseline data being gathered and assessed.  

The design of Codling will be further refined as part of the consenting process, including ongoing consultation and engagement with local communities, statutory consultees, regulators and other project stakeholders. 

Another phase of engagement and consultation will take place in early 2023, during which further updates will be shared as the development of the project progresses. A third phase will take place later in 2023, prior to the submission of our planning application. 

How Will Codling Wind Park be Constructed Onshore?

The key onshore infrastructure and construction activities for Codling Wind Park will include: 

Electrical Grid Infrastructure

  • Landfall site(s) with associated transition pits to connect the offshore and onshore cables
  • Onshore 220 kV underground cables 
  • Onshore 220 kV substation(s), compound(s) and transformer stations (if required)

(N.B. A typical photo image of landfall site, underground cable and substation will need to be included)

Operations and Maintenance infrastructure:

  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) facilities to support the offshore wind park. These will include a building/warehouse, laydown areas, quayside cranes, parking and marine works such as pontoons for maintenance vessels.
  • General works associated with the above or as necessary for the construction, operation and final decommissioning of Codling, including all ancillary development

Latest Update

  • Work continues to establish the most suitable locations for both the electrical grid infrastructure and the O&M infrastructure. 
  • Codling is currently assessing multiple options in terms of engineering, environmental and land use planning characteristics. 
  • Codling hopes to confirm the final onshore locations and provide additional information during the two further phases of consultation in 2023. 

All construction areas related to the works required at the landfall and along the cable route will be restored to their original condition following the completion of the works, where feasible. 

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