Why Codling Wind Park?

We are facing a global climate emergency. In 2019, Ireland published its Climate Action Plan (CAP), which recognises that Ireland must significantly step up its commitments to tackle climate disruption and achieve its decarbonisation goals.

Within the CAP, Ireland aims: 

To provide 80% of electricity from renewable energy by


To be carbon neutral by


To help reach these goals, the Irish Government has committed to achieving 5GW of electricity from offshore wind by 2030. It has also identified an initial group of seven projects, including Codling Wind Park, which can progress their activities while the new Marine Planning and Development Management Bill is being finalised.

With a generating output of 1,300MW, Codling Wind Park will be the largest of these projects and will make a significant contribution to meeting the Government’s 2030 ambitions.

Wicklow Harbour and Wicklow Town

Energy security for Ireland

In addition to supporting delivery of the country’s climate action targets, Codling Wind Park will also help reduce Ireland’s reliance on imported fossil fuel-based energy and significantly improve energy security.

Codling Wind Park has the potential to supply the equivalent of 70% of Irish households – 1.2 million in total – with clean, locally produced, low-cost electricity, and save almost 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

Ireland - perfectly placed for wind

Offshore wind has fast become a mature form of generating electricity in many countries around the world. The UK, for example, is a world leader with around 20 years’ experience.

Costs have fallen significantly in recent years, making offshore wind a highly competitive, viable and sustainable source of renewable electricity.

Excellent wind speeds in the Irish Sea and favourable foreshore conditions provide an ideal environment for generating carbon emission free and low-cost electricity offshore, offering Ireland the opportunity to become a global leader in renewable electricity.

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