Codling Wind Park

generating a greener Ireland

Welcome to Codling Wind Park

Codling Wind Park is a 1,300 MW offshore wind farm proposed to be developed in the Irish Sea, in an area called the Codling Bank, approximately 13-22 kilometres off the County Wicklow coast, between Greystones and Wicklow Town.

The project is a 50/50 joint venture between Fred. Olsen Seawind and EDF Renewables.  Both companies are leading developers, owners and operators of renewable energy assets, with many years of global experience in the renewable energy and offshore wind sector.

With the potential to provide power to over 1 million Irish homes every year, Codling Wind Park is the largest Phase One offshore renewable energy project in Ireland, essential to achieve our national renewable energy and climate action targets.

Generating A Greener Ireland

Hear from our Project Director, Scott Sutherland on the benefits Codling Wind Park will deliver for Ireland and our Offshore Licensing Manager, Erlend Christiansen on the international team of experts working to deliver Ireland’s largest offshore renewable energy project.

“It’s great to be delivering climate change goals and ambitions for Ireland” Scott Sutherland, CWP Project Director.

“It makes me very proud to be working in a world class team to give Ireland energy independence” Erlend Christiansen, CWP Offshore Licensing Manager.

What will Codling Wind Park Deliver?

Energy Independence

Securing Ireland’s future energy independence.

Carbon Saving

Saving up to 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 saved each year

Community Benefit Fund

Providing a community benefit fund of up to €200m for local communities

Local Jobs

Creating 75 long-term jobs and hundreds of jobs during construction

Climate Targets

Delivering over a quarter of Ireland's 2030 Renewable Energy & Climate Action Plan targets

Energy for 1 million homes

Generating 1.3GW of clean low-cost electricity for 1 million Irish homes each year

Meet the Team

At the heart of Ireland’s largest energy infrastructure project lies an exceptional team dedicated to excellence. Our world-class professionals bring together expertise in renewable energy, health and safety, sustainability, environmental protection, and engineering excellence. With a shared passion for creating a brighter, greener future, we are privileged to collaborate on delivering this monumental project for Ireland.

Together, we are “generating a greener Ireland.”

Meet some of our team here and check back soon for new introductions.


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