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The benefits Codling Wind Park will deliver for Our climate, Our Country and Our Communities are of a scale that has not yet been seen by any other renewable energy project in Ireland.

The global and national climate emergency has accelerated the need to decarbonise all aspects of our life. At Codling Wind Park, we believe that the positive benefits of transitioning to a carbon neutral future can be shared by all.

Here are some of the benefits Codling Wind Park will deliver.

Energy Independence

Securing Ireland’s future energy independence.

Carbon Saving

Saving up to 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 saved each year

Community Benefit Fund

Providing a community benefit fund of up to €200m for local communities

Local Jobs

Creating 75 long-term jobs and hundreds of jobs during construction

Climate Targets

Delivering over a quarter of Ireland's 2030 Renewable Energy & Climate Action Plan targets

Energy for 1 million homes

Generating 1.3GW of clean low-cost electricity for 1 million Irish homes each year

Climate & Environment

We are facing a global climate emergency. In 2019, Ireland published its first Climate Action Plan (CAP), which recognised that Ireland must significantly step up its commitments to tackle climate disruption and achieve its decarbonisation goals.

The second annual update the CAP in 2023 set out a target of 5 GW of grid connected electricity from offshore wind by 2030. Codling Wind Park alone can achieve 26% of this target.

The design and development of Codling Wind Park puts our environment and people at the forefront. Our Offshore and EIA Consents Manager, Sean Leake explains the range of data collection, analysis, and impact assessments which form the extensive Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) which will be submitted as part of the project’s planning application in 2024.


In addition to supporting delivery of the country’s climate action targets, Codling Wind Park will also help reduce Ireland’s reliance on imported fossil fuel-based energy and significantly improve Ireland’s energy independence.

Codling Wind Park has the potential to supply the equivalent of almost 50% of Irish households, over 1 million in total, with clean, locally produced, low-cost electricity, and save almost 1.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year.


We are committed to developing the project in the right way, bringing benefits to the environment, the economy and local communities for generations to come. As well as the wider benefits offered by Codling Wind Park in terms of energy independence and reduced carbon emissions, communities neighbouring the project will benefit through our dedicated €200 million Community Benefit Fund (CBF).

The aim of the fund, which will be administered by an experienced and independent Fund Administrator, as part of the Offshore Renewable Energy Support Scheme (ORESS), is to deliver economic, environmental, social, and cultural benefits to local community groups over a twenty-year period.

It’s expected the CBF would become operational during the construction phase of the project, making €10m available every year for 20 years for community projects. We are encouraging communities to start thinking about what they can do with these funds.

Supply Chain

During the development, construction, and operational phases of a major renewable energy infrastructure project like Codling Wind Park, there will be significant opportunities for contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, facilities, and service providers.

If your business would like to be considered for work on the Codling Wind Park project, please follow the link.

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