Thank you for taking the time to access our photomontage viewer. The purpose of this viewer is to show an indicative wind farm layout for what Codling Wind Park could look like from different viewpoints along the coast.

The images are representative of the range of options we are exploring at this early stage (March 2021) and, for this reason, we have used the minimum and maximum turbine heights we are considering. Please bear in mind that these are illustrative only.

Development of the photomontages

In the months ahead, we will be continuing our extensive technical and environmental investigations on the site, plus detailed visual landscape assessments of the entire area. We will also be speaking with suppliers to explore the most up-to-date wind turbine technology on offer. All this work, in addition to our ongoing engagement with stakeholders, will give us a much better understanding of our options and constraints.

By the time we come back to you for a second phase of public consultation later this year, we will have more up-to-date photomontage representations of the project.

Using the photomontage viewer

Please note, whilst the photomontage viewer may function on a mobile device, it is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer to provide the best user experience.

To establish the correct viewing distance for your screen, please follow the calibration guidance when you enter the Viewer.

To enter the Viewer please scroll down on this webpage, review the instructions and click on the box which says:

‘Enter Photomontage Viewer’

Having entered the Viewer and established the correct viewing distance, click on the box which says:

‘Start Tour’ in the lower right corner of the screen.”

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